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Quill Vit Extra is a liquid multi-vitamin and trace element product that provides essential Amino Acids.

  • Developed specifically to stimulate and maintain growth and vitality
  • Extremely cost effective dilution rate
  • Can help support weight gain 
  • Can help accelerate the development of chicks 
  • GMO free
  • VAT exempt

When to use:-

  • During the first 2-3 days of a chick's life
  • During times of stress
  • During and after disease
  • After vaccination
  • During a feed change
  • Routine use during periods of high productivity (e.g. laying, racing)

Suitable for:-

All types of game birds such as pheasants and partridge, as well as hens and pigeons.

All ages of birds from chicks to adult birds

All types of drinker systems whether manual or automatic

Dilution rate:-

1 litre per 1000 litres of drinking water for 3 days administration (1ml per 1 litre of drinking water)

For quantity discount:- select 5L - Box of 4, priced at £45 each, £180 total.


We recommend following with Intra Hydrocare to clean your water lines to prevent bacteria growth 


Vitamin A

500,000 iu


500 mg

Vitamin D3

75,000 iu


2000 mg

Vitamin E

10,000 mg


1000 mg

Vitamin B6

700 mg


3000 mg

Vitamin B12

5400 mcg

Sodium Chloride

10 g


1250 mcg

Potassium Chloride

83 g

Vitamin K

350 mg

Citric Acid

4 g


15800 mg

Magnesium Sulphate

500 mg

Vitamin C

1250 mg

Essential Fatty Acids

1000 mg

Folic Acid

700 mg


2000 mg

Pantothenic Acid

700 mg


1000 mg


500 mg


1500 mg


125 mg

Amino Acid Profile

1500 mg


Other hints:-

Ordering the 1 litre size? We can send up to 2 x 1 litre bottles of liquid via the post for the same postage cost as 1 x 1 litre.

Customers from the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland please enquire for shipping rates.

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