Repiderma Spray 250ML

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Repiderma is an antibiotic free, micronised powder aerosol spray from the Intra Hoof-fit family for the skin and hoof to promote healing, prevent infection and protect the skin.

Intra Repiderma Suitable for use on dairy cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and even poultry and game birds!  A multi purpose and portable spray, this should be in every farmer, gamekeeper or small holder's medicine cabinet.  Thousands are sold every year in this country to hoof trimmers and farriers.

  • Positive results when used to tackle udder cleft dermatitis
  • Positive results when used to tackle mud fever in horses.  Can also be used for other equine hoof problems such as thrush.
  • Positive feedback when used on sheep both on their feet and horns, especially for foot rot.
  • When used on de-horning of calves Repiderma has been found to be much better than CTC spray.
  • Hoof-fit Gel is the world’s first antibiotic-free product that can be used officially to tackle and cure Digital Dermatitis in cows; Repiderma is Hoof-fit in an aerosol.
  • The product can be used in every situation where infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.
  • The active ingredients are micronized chelated minerals which penetrate deeply into the skin in a short time
  • Active 'on' the skin, but also 'under and within' the skin

Contains adhesive substances ensuring longer contact time on the skin.  Purple iodine sprays, blue sprays or CTC antibiotic sprays will run when in contact with the skin - Repiderma does not run but forms a semi-permeable protective layer on the skin.

Negative external influences can no longer penetrate the skin, while the layer still allows oxygen to help repair the skin. 

Intra Repiderma has recently been awarded the status of official veterinary medicine in the Netherlands.

Repiderma is available in a 250ml aerosol spray

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Click Here for the Intracare report on Repiderma and Udder Cleft Dermatitis

Click Here for Safety Data Sheet

Quill Productions are proud to be the sole UK importer of Intra Repiderma from Intracare BV.


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