Fox Grid (Pheasant Pop Hole)

  • £11.00

A high quality fox grid made in the UK, galvanised after manufacture to prevent rusting. The space bars on this 8 opening grid are made of 4mm bright bar which helps pheasants to enter the pop holes without shying away.

As birds grow up and begin to flutter around inside their release pens, they often become stranded outside and it is important that they can get back into the safety of the pen. Making an open gateway into the pen would allow more birds out and could allow foxes or other predators to step inside.  Adding a fox grid to your pen let birds back in while keeping foxes at bay.

Made in Dorset, these fox grids are galvanised after being made to prevent rusting and can be placed higher up the fencing for raised pop holes with ramps or used on the ground with run ins.

Can be manufactured to individual requirements, please enquire.



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