Pest control is essential to control rats and mice around the game rearing fields or in the woods from damaging equipment, killing poults and spreading disease.  Baits and poisons should not be used in woods and therefore traps such as Mark 4 Fenn traps should be used instead for rats, squirrels and mink.  For inside barns and around pheasant rearing buildings we stock Lodi baits including one feed poisons.

Live traps include cat traps, live squirrel and mink traps, larsen traps and live fox traps and snares.

Certificates are required for the purchase of rat poisons in 1KG and over. When you purchase poisons from Quill Productions, we will contact you to request a copy of your certificate. This link will provide further information about gaining the required certification and the link for the online exam.

Do you have a rat or mouse problem? Quill stocks a wide range of Rat Poison and Mouse Killer so that you can take control.

Certificate and ID required for the purchase of rat poisons of 3KG and over.

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