Datamars UK Livestock Identification


Quill Productions are proud to announce that we now supply Livestock Identification and Ear Tags from world-leading brand Datamars UK.

Datamars UK believe that when it comes to your livestock, data harnessing should be quick and stress-free. That is why they provide the very best industry-leading tagging solutions. 

  • Z Tags
  • TagFaster
  • Rubba
  • Typifix
  • Superbrass

Providing high retention, reliable EID readability and visual colour identification for both Official and Non Official tags. High quality laser marking allows bespoke management information to be included.

Applicators range from time saving fully automatic to a simple single shot application as well as animal welfare consideration featuring no tear ear tagging.


For more information and to request a quote please get in contact with our team on 01258 818239.