Quill Lyte Plus

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Quill Lyte Plus is a liquid electrolyte formulated to support Poultry, Game Birds, Ducks & Racing Pigeons at times of stress and to prevent dehydration. Contains balanced ionised salts, multi-vitamins & nutrients.

  • Provides an energy boost
  • Ideal during hot weather & environmental challenge
  • Encourages birds to drink
  • Contains a balanced level of B vitamins
  • Offers support against immune challenges
  • For good egg production & growth
  • Supports birds at times of stress, such as during bitting
  • Assists feed intake & weight gain in chicks

    For use with chicks to adult birds. Can be used daily. Add to drinking water; directly into drinkers, tanks or with a dosing pump.

    Dilution rate 5 : 1000 (5ml of Quill Lyte Plus per 1000ml water)

    Quill Water-Pure when supplementing to prevent the build up of biofilm in waterlines. Not recommended for use at the same time as wormers or vaccinations in the water.


    Available sizes: 1L & 5L available
    Suitable for: Poultry, Pheasants, Partridge, Ducks & Racing Pigeons