Quill Lyte Plus

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Quill Lyte Plus is a combination of ionised salts and vitamins to assist  with the prevention of dehydration, to replenish body fluids and restore resistance.  Quill Lyte Plus contains a balance of ionised salts and other nutrients to meet the requirements of young stock, particularly under conditions of dehydration.

Glucose,  a rapidly available energy source, is added to Quill Lyte Plus to give  birds or animals quick energy boost.  Quill Lyte Plus has been designed to help assist the production of homogenous flocks and reduce the incidence of early chick mortality.

Available in 1L and 5L

For quantity discount select 5L - Box of 4, priced at £28 each, £112 total.

Quill Lyte Plus provides numerous benefits:

  • Helps to prevent dehydration, to replenish body fluids & restore resistance
  • Helps to reduce early chick mortality
  • Contains glucose to give birds a quick energy boost
  • Suitable from chicks to adult birds
  • Suitable for use in all drinker system

Directions for use: 1 litre per 200 litres of clean drinking water
5ml  per Litre

As a preventative treatment: Administer to water system before chicks arrive, and immediately after bitting. Use for a period of 24 / 48 hours.

Use at any sign of challenge

We recommend following with Intra Hydrocare. 

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