Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid (Concentrate)

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Antibiotic-free Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid, has the same ingredients as the Hoof-fit Gel, the only antibiotic-free cure for treating digital dermatitis.

Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid is a unique concentrated, green hoof care liquid for easy, targeted application, costing less than 10p per cow per week.

 Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid has many benefits:

  • Results are seen quickly
  • Reduces digital dermatitis lesions and improves lameness and mobility
  • Targeted application & easy to use/apply
  • Helps to maintain good hoof condition
  • Very cost effective - less than 10p per cow per week
  • Strong adhesive properties
  • Readily absorbed into the affected area
  • Concentrated liquid, to be diluted with water
  • Once mixed, it stays as a solution - It is ready to use whenever needed
  • Organic Approved by OF&G
  • No withdrawal time for milk
  • Antibiotic free
  • Suitable for application in the milking parlour, cubicle shed or the field.
  • For use in the field or around the yard, it can be applied using a hand held Matabi Sprayer.
  • Non Hazardous
  • Does not contain copper sulphate (now illegal to use)
  • Does not contain formalin (cancer causing chemical) which stings and hurts the cows
  • Does not contain QAC's
  • Safe for the operator
  • Safe for the environment

Hoof-fit products allow claw problems to be managed in a more effective, healthier and sustainable way.  All have been developed in close cooperation with dairy farmers, veterinarians, hoof-trimmers and cattle specialists and have been thoroughly field tested.

Proven to be better than other products

A trial by the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine found that Hoof-fit Spray Liquid was the most effective way of reducing digital dermatitis sores, even beating the antibiotic Tetracycline and competitor product, Healmax. Click here to read the short report.

How can I apply it quickly and cost effectively for the whole milking herd?

The award winning Quill Hoof-Spray System was specially developed with Ambic to offer a fast and easy way to apply the Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid in the milking parlour. Developed specifically for use with the viscous Spray Liquid, the system is safe, simple, reliable and fully vacuum operated. It only takes 3 seconds per hoof!

We even have a customer who has all but eradicated digi in his milking herd by following our Hoof-fit programme, applying Hoof-fit Spray Liquid in the parlour using our Quill Hoof Spray System. He now very rarely gets a case of digital dermatitis.

Directions for use:

  1. Prepare a solution of 50% water and 50% Hoof-fit Spray Liquid
  2. DO NOT wash off the feet before using.  This product is so good that it will easily be absorbed into the skin, even if it comes into contact with a small muck free area.
  3. Spray the solution on the back of the hoof and in the inter-digital space
  4. Ideally, repeat the application twice in the first week.  Afterwards, apply on a weekly basis with a 50% solution.

In severe cases, if digital dermatitis has taken hold, treatment with Intra Hoof-fit Gel may then be necessary.

Other information:- 

Click Here For Safety Data Sheet

Available in 5L, 10L and 20L