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The original and best game bird boost tonic, made exclusively for Quill Productions. Rear strong, healthy birds without antibiotics by stimulating the immune & digestive system to fight disease.

"We started using Quill Boost last year during our rearing season. We used it from start to finish throughout our cycle. There were a range of benefits we found with this product that ranged from; the birds grew faster, they were well feathered, they looked stronger and withstood the challenges of the temperamental climate we live in due to being more robust. In addition to this, we had no issues converting our birds onto different feed as they grew older, this can sometimes be an issue. Finally, our vet bill went down dramatically last year which could have been due to a number of factors. However the only significant change we made to our rear was the addition of Quill Boost, which we feel kept them healthy throughout. We can confidently say we won’t look back and will be using this product again for this coming season and we highly recommend it."

Can be administered by hand into water tanks or dosed using a dosing pump, into the drinking water. Read on to find out the full benefits:
  • Supports birds in times of stress
  • Stimulates the immune system and digestive system by providing essential Amino Acids and Chelated Minerals
  • Can help to reduce mortality rates, support weight gain and accelerate the development of chicks - healthier birds & better margins and returns
  • Recommended by vets
  • Can reduce the need for costly medicines such as antibiotics 
  • Developed specifically to stimulate and maintain growth and vitality
  • Supports the birds in times of stress
  • Helps muscle production - important for strong flyers
  • Helps birds to feather up more quickly
  • Can help to reduce aggression - contains an amino acid which helps in the production of serotonin - the "happy hormone"
  • The organic acids reduces the water pH to 4.1 - ideal for the birds’ digestion
  • The low pH level helps to kill pathogens such as bacteria in water lines or open water drinkers
  • Helps to stop scale or limescale build up from hard water 
  • Extremely cost effective dilution rate
When to use:
We recommend using Quill Boost Tonic from day old chicks, throughout rearing and into release pen stage (see below).  It is an ongoing additive and therefore can be used continually.

The product has been tried and tested successfully in many situations. Chicks arriving in a poor state barely able to survive have been given Quill Boost Tonic with amazing turn-arounds. The mortality rates were reduced significantly and it was found that their immune systems had improved to the extent that their weight gain and development was quicker and more pronounced that those under usual nourishment.

If you are rearing your own game birds from chicks, ask us for a FREE copy of our water supplement programme which tells you which product to use and when, as well as the costings for doing so. We have developed this programme over many years of testing and game farmers rearing thousands of birds have found they have been able to do so at better returns when using our programme, even impressing their vets.

Using for poults at release into pens/wood:

Diluted Quill Boost Tonic can be stored in a water bowser for up to 6 months without deteriorating and will help to maintain a better water quality. The stress and trauma caused to the birds on release is a prime example of when Quill Boost Tonic will come in to its own.

Often at this stage many pathogens challenge the birds' immune systems; it has been well documented by the Game Conservancy Trust that many birds succumb at this stage (due to the stress of release and predation). Birds offered Quill Boost Tonic at this crucial time will be in far better state to deal with and cope with diseases such as hexamita and mycoplasma etc.

Dilution rate for all birds:

1:1000; i.e. 1 litre of Quill Boost Tonic per 1000 litres of drinking water

or 1ml of Quill Boost Tonic per 1 litre of drinking water

Using with other products

  • Can be used at the same time as Quill Lyte Plus and Quill Vit Extra when added to the drinking water.
  • Do not mix the concentrated liquid supplements together before adding to the drinking water.
  • Due to the acidic nature of the product, we do not recommend using at the same time as wormer in the water or vaccinations in the water, unless specifically advised by your vet (some medications in water may not be effective if the water is acidic)

How long can an open can be stored for?

Quill Boost Tonic has a shelf life of approximately 2 years from manufacturing. Therefore, as long as the cap is replaced and it is stored in a cool dark place, your can will last from one season to the next season.


Customer feedback shows that it is excellent at:

  • Reducing young bird sickness
  • Reducing mortality rates, especially in young birds
  • Helping good, fast feather production
  • Reducing the need to medicate/use antibiotics

Other hints

Ordering the 1 litre size? We can send up to 2 x 1 litre bottles of liquid via the post for the same postage cost as 1 x 1 litre. Why not try our electrolyte, Quill Lyte Plus or multi-vitamin, Quill Vit Extra?

Customers from the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland please enquire for shipping rates.

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