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Quill Boot Dip offers the ultimate robust and long lasting farm biosecurity foot dip at a value for money price with internal fixed brushes for cleaning and disinfecting shoes or boots in one easy step.

This is much more effective than a disinfectant foot mat.

  • Comes complete with a cover to stop debris or rainwater diluting the disinfectant in the foot dip
  • Large 20 litre capacity allowing the whole foot to be disinfected & sanitised
  • Base brush is different to the side brushes, designed to clean and disinfect deep cleats in soles
  • Calendar dial to show when the disinfectant was last changed in the foot dip for easy farm auditing
  • The handle also acts as a useful balancing aid when cleaning boots for health and safety
  • Pouring nook in one corner to empty out used solution easily
  • Handle can be detached from lid.
  • The cover can be filled with sand or water to keep in place when outside
  • The brushes are high quality food grade brushes to ensure longevity
  • Made from a strong type of plastic, the Quill Boot dip is robust enough to stand up to every day use on farm for years
  • Yellow colour to stand out and ensure use
  • Sold worldwide and used by poultry and pig farms, dairy farms, game farms, horse studs, equestrian centres, vets, zoos and animal parks open to the public.
  • Ideal for food production and manufacturing plants to enable quick and easy disinfection between sites.

"With a farm assurance inspection coming up Quill suggested I try their new boot dips.  It looks very smart and conveys how seriously we take biosecurity on our farm.

It has a hand rest incorporated in the lid for people to lean on whilst giving their boots a good scrub, and brushes built into to sides and bottom of the container so no additional hand brush is needed, as previously it would always be lost or taken away to be used for another purpose!"

Which disinfectant to use?

We recommend using a disinfectant which continues to provide protection even when there is muck in the boot dip solution (those which are active in the presence of organic matter). Some leading well known disinfectant powders quickly lose their strength when exposed to mud and muck. We therefore recommend FAM 30 (also handily colour coded to show when it becomes inactive) or Multi-Des GA.

Top tips for delivery

In one delivery parcel we can fit in:-

  • 3 x boot dips or
  • 2 x boot dips and 1 x 5 litre of our recommended disinfectant, FAM 30

Bulk purchase

Are you a buyer for a collective or a group of farms? Discounts are available for bulk purchases - please call us on 01258 818239 to enquire


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