Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker - 40L

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A 40 litre version of the popular Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker, a nipple drinker for all game birds from pheasants, partridge or ducks to poultry such as hens or turkeys.

Ideal for use outside as the water is kept sealed to prevent contamination (and therefore disease) through bird faeces, bathing, general muck or from wild birds such as song birds poo, bathing or drinking.  

Did you know that birds do not have a swallowing mechanism? So when birds (whether game birds or hens) drink from open water, they fill their beaks and then need to tip their heads back to swallow.  In doing this, a combination of water and salvia falls back into the open water for other birds to drink and therefore increases the chance of the spread of water borne diseases such as E Coli or Salmonella.  By using a nipple drinker this does not happen, protecting your birds' health. 

  • Fitted with 8 x 360 degree nipples to ensure your birds get enough water
  • Comes with a fitted metal stand
  • Can be fitted with a ballcock and valve and connected to the mains water (if required we can drill it out FOC for you to connect)
  • Green to prevent algae growth

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