Quill 180 Degree Drinker Nipple

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Designed exclusively for Quill Productions, the new 180° nipple was designed to keep bedding dry whilst attracting your birds to drink more than ever. 

After 2 years of development this nipple is the very best on the market for combating wet bedding; one of the leading causes of bacteria and disease amongst chicks.

Fitted with our largest pin yet to attract the game birds to drink and manufactured from high quality strong and durable plastic. 

The 180° action of this nipple means that unlike the 360° nipple the pin must be pushed upwards by the bird to release water into the chamber and out into the bird's beak. This tighter seal between the pin and chamber exit of the nipple means that the nipple will not release water onto the bedding by birds knocking against the drinker.

By reducing the risk of wet bedding, the new 180° nipple prevents the risk of diseases like Coccidiosis and Hexamita thriving in the damp and leading to cross-contamination. This in turn will prevent the need for antibiotic use.

Flow rate of up to 130ml per minute, this nipple is suitable for rearing birds of any age but particularly for chicks indoors. 

  • Suitable for almost all birds from Quail to Partridge
  • Vertical-action
  • 1-piece
  • Up to 130ml per minute