Intra Hoof-fit Gel

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Intra Hoof-fit Gel is the only antibiotic free product that is a licensed treatment for digital dermatitis, also known as hairy wart.  Official tests have proved that this green Hoof gel is 1.57 times more effective at treating digital dermatitis than antibiotic CTC spray, often purchased from vets.

Organic Approved by OF&G

Intra Hoof-fit Gel is a highly effective and adhesive claw gel for the treatment of cows, sheep, horses, goats and other hoofed animals.  The green, antibiotic free hoof gel is also effective against foot rot, mudfever, white line disease and other claw ailments.

A combination of soothing aloe vera, chelated copper and chelated zinc enables this hoof gel to naturally tackle the infection and then start the healing process.  Many alternative products only address the infection and do not aid healing, therefore leaving the claw vulnerable to further problems. 

As the copper and zinc is chelated, this means that it is perfectly legal and easily absorbed into the skin, unlike copper sulphate or zinc sulphate, which are illegal to use in this country.

Benefits include:

  • Antibiotic free treatment
  • Super concentrated adhesive hoof gel
  • Promotes healing - results within days
  • Proven 1.57 times more effective than CTC spray (chlortetracycline hydrochloride)
  • No withdrawal time required for meat or milk
  • Comes in a 330ml pot which treats up to 50 hooves
  • Brush for application included
  • A veterinary medicine product available without prescription
  • UK VM registration number 41870/4000
  • Positive results when used to tackle mud fever in horses
  • A natural treatment (formulin free)
  • Does not sting

Want a quick way to tackle digital dermatitis or hoof problems for your whole herd? Take a look at our Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid or Intra Hoof-fit Spray Liquid. Both are based on this fantastic formula.

Due to its super concentrated adhesive bonding, the Intra Hoof-fit gel remains effective for 4-5 days.  In very serious cases of digital dermatitis or foot rot,  we recommend that you use the Intra Hoof fit Gel in conjunction with Intra Hoof-fit Tape to tape the claw.  The tape should be removed after a maximum of 4 days and the Intra Hoof-fit Gel should be reapplied (without the tape).

Each pot of hoof gel treats up to 50 hooves.  Brush supplied.


  1. The animals' claws should be trimmed two or three times per year. It is advisable to have this carried out by a professional hoof trimmer
  2. Clean the hoof thoroughly, ensuring that any manure present is removed from the claw and the interdigital space. Then dry the claw
  3. Apply Intra Hoof-fit Gel to the claw and the interdigital space, using the brush supplied with the gel.
  4. Intra Hoof-fit Gel is effective for 4-5 days as a result of its unique adhesive properties. If necessary repeat the treatment after this period.
  5. In the case of very severe problems we advise that claws be taped. After a maximum of 4 days, remove the tape and apply Intra Hoof-fit Gel again (this time without taping).


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