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Intra Hoof-fit Gel is the only antibiotic free product that is a proven treatment which works for digital dermatitis, also known as hairy wart or mortellaro disease. It is a registered veterinary medicine, available to buy without prescription and organic approved by OF&G with no withdrawal time for meat or milk. 

What animals can it be used on?

Intra Hoof-fit Gel is a highly effective and adhesive claw gel for the treatment of cows, sheep, horses, goats and other hoofed animals. 

What can it treat?

The green, antibiotic free hoof gel although originally made as a treatment and cure for digital dermatitis, it is also very effective against foot rot, CODD (contagious ovine digital dermatitis) in sheep, white line disease and other claw and hoof problems. Equine customers have reported that it is useful for mud fever and for thrush.

What does it contain and how does it work?

Hoof-fit Gel contains copper and zinc (both having antibacterial properties) in an organic chelated form. This coated form is more stable and better soluble than conventional forms of copper and zinc, like sulphates and oxides. This enables the active substances to better penetrate deeply into the skin into the core of the inflammation, combating the whole infection. The gel also contains isopropanol, reinforcing the antibacterial action of the product.

Chelated zinc and other skin care products in the gel promote wound healing: the wound will close quickly. Antibiotic spray does not have such a wound-healing action. Hoof-fit Gel heals the claw and the tissue around the claw, thereby reducing the risk of new bacterial infections. Finally, the gel contains a strong adhesive, prolonging contact with the infection on the claw or hoof. The gel will also continue to be active when animals walk through manure after treatment.

Benefits include:

  • Antibiotic free treatment
  • Super concentrated adhesive hoof gel
  • Gel continues to be active when animal walks through mud and manure after treatment
  • Promotes healing - results within days
  • Proven 1.57 times more effective than antibiotic CTC spray (chlortetracycline hydrochloride)
  • No withdrawal time required for meat or milk
  • Comes in a 330ml pot which treats up to 50 hooves
  • Brush for application included
  • A veterinary medicine product available without prescription
  • UK VM registration number 41870/4000
  • A natural treatment (formulin free)
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera


  1. Clean the hoof thoroughly, ensuring that any manure present is removed from the claw and the interdigital space. Then dry the claw
  2. Apply Intra Hoof-fit Gel to the claw and the interdigital space, using the brush supplied with the gel.
  3. Intra Hoof-fit Gel is effective for 4-5 days as a result of its unique super concentrated adhesive properties. If necessary repeat the treatment after this period.
  4. In the case of very severe problems we advise that claws be taped. After a maximum of 4 days, remove the tape and apply Intra Hoof-fit Gel again (this time without taping).

 What other products are in the Intra Hoof-fit range?

The below products are based on the gel and also contain the chelated minerals which are so effective:-

 Other information

We can deliver up to 2 gel pots in the post using Royal Mail Tracked or up to 42 pots in one courier parcel (please contact us if the website does not calculate your carriage correctly).

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