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Quill Aniseed Oil Mix


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£16.92 Inc. VAT

Quill Aniseed Oil Mix encourages game birds to stay on your shoot and encourages roaming pheasants to stay.

This mix is a combination of concentrated aniseed plus secret special ingredients within a carrier oil.  It has been produced as an attractant specifically for pheasants and other game birds.

The high levels of aniseed within our Quill Aniseed Oil Mix create a strong aroma, meaning that it is effective even at low concentration.

  • Easy to use.
  • Mix with wheat, barley or pellets before feeding, either by pouring or spraying into the bag of food
  • Why not try spraying it on the food using a pump hand sprayer such as a Matabi Sprayer with a 5 litre capacity? A tough enough sprayer to cope with spraying oil.
  • Alternatively, spray into the feeder before adding the game feed

1 litre of Quill Aniseed Oil Mix will treat approximately 1 tonne of wheat, barley or pheasant feed.

Available in 1L, 5L and 20L


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