Intra Repiderma Spray: The Antibiotic-Free Hero Healing Product for Livestock

Intra Repiderma Spray: The Antibiotic-Free Hero Healing Product for Livestock

Hoof and skin problems for livestock can often unfortunately lead to the animal being culled, when often if treated early this can be avoided.

Diseases and infections such as digital dermatitis, naval issues, foot rot, ring worm and mud fever are commonly treated with purple CTC sprays which have a runny, messy consistency and contain antibiotics.

Repiderma spray was formulated by Intracare with adhesive qualities and chelated minerals so it will stick to a wound or lesion and provide a protective barrier whilst promoting healing within. The strong adhesive qualities of Repiderma spray mean it will form a protective layer for at least 3 days once applied on an infection or lesion. 

Some of the most popular uses for Intra Repiderma include use on hooves for Digital Dermatitis, Udder Cleft, after dehorning and for Navals, however it is a hugely versatile product and can be used for any skin problems, on any animal. Our customers have used Repiderma spray on feather-pecked birds, to heal dogs paws, for equine problems such as mud fever & thrush, white line disease, coronary infections in sows - the list continues!

The organic chelated minerals in Intra Repiderma (copper and zinc) penetrate deeply into the skin in a short time, actively working through all levels on the dermis to help heal and kill bacteria throughout the skins layers. 

As an antibiotic-free alternative, Repiderma has multiple actions such as preventing infection, promoting healing & protecting the skin, whereas purple iodine sprays have only on e mode of action: to act as an antiseptic.

According to Intracare, one 250ml can of Intra Repiderma will do 80-100 applications, and in 3 seconds of spray time 950 million micronised organic powder minerals will be applied. What's more, the aerosol can is designed to be sprayed from every angle, so it can easily be used in hard-to-reach areas such as when sealing navals or spraying hooves.


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