MK4 Fenn Spring Trap

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This genuine MK4 Fenn Spring Trap is made in Britain and is suitable for small mammals such as Weasles, Rats, Mice and Squirrels.

Whilst gin traps (a spring trap with teeth to capture and hold vermin) have been illegal in the UK since 1958, the Mark 4 Fenn trap is still a legal trap as it is designed to kill pests such as rats, mice and squirrels. Unlike some other MK4 traps available for sale, this is a legal trap and has been approved under The Spring Traps Approval Act. 

It is a legal requirement to set these traps in a tunnel such as the Quill Vermin Trap Box which can be set under feeders using the Quill Feeder Stand to create the ultimate rat trap or squirrel trap.

Click here to purchase a MK4 Fenn trap & Vermin Trap Box

Click here to purchase a Vermin Trap Box

This British Fenn trap is very powerful and the safety catch must always be used.  This trap has the power to break the bones in a human hand and we therefore suggest that you watch our YouTube video on how to set it or Click here to view and download the Instruction Sheet for setting the MK4 & MK6 trap. 

Please note that squirrel and rat traps should be set in accordance with current legislation and users should also consider risk-assessing potential sites.

Traps should only be set on land owned by the person setting them, or with the landowner’s permission and ideally should not be used near public footpaths etc.

The Quill Vermin Trap Box can be secured with an Allen Key bolt specifically to increase safety for the general public (especially children) and non targeted species. 

Code of Conduct for Trapping Pest Mammals