Quill Organic Acid

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Quill Organic Acid is a blend of organic acids and chelated minerals for maximum immunity and performance.

  • Improves immunity against pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Clostridium
  • Chelated minerals are anti-bacterial & support metabolism
  • Prevents limescale in waterlines
  • Enables better protein digestion
  • Reduces wet litter & diarrhoea
  • Stimulates immunity
  • Lower pH creates an optimal gut environment

Can be used daily. Add to drinking water; directly into drinkers, tanks or with a dosing pump.

Dilution rate 1 : 1000 (1ml of Quill Organic Acid per 1000ml water). Do not exceed the maximum levels of copper and zinc in the daily ration for poultry, 25mg/kg for Copper and 150mg/kg for Zinc.

We always recommend using a Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser like Quill Water-Pure when supplementing to prevent the build up of biofilm in waterlines. Not recommended for use at the same time as wormers or vaccinations in the water.

Available sizes: 20L, 200L, 1000L
Suitable for: Poultry, Turkeys & Pigs


Full guidance on the handling and safe storage of the product can be obtained from the safety data sheet including first aid measures and health and safety requirements.