Quill Indoor Midi Feeder with Opaque Tube

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The most cost effective feeder and versatile feeder on the market. 3 in 1 Feeder for use throughout the rearing season - use the tray for chicks, add the tube as the poults grow and then the Quill Midi Feeder Hat (available separately) for use outside in release pens and game strips.

The Quill Midi Feeder is a three-part plastic pheasant and partridge feeder, designed and manufactured at Quill Productions.  Graham, the Managing Director, designed the game bird feeder based on his experience rearing his own pheasants, partridge and duck.  The Quill Midi feeder is also suitable for poultry.

This feeder includes a translucent tube so you can easily see the level of feed remaining in the feeder. Alternitively, you can purchase a Midi Feeder with a green tube here.

The Quill Midi Feeder (Indoor) has the following benefits:

  • High Capacity - Holds 2 bags of feed (50kg)
  • Clear Tube to view the level of feed remaining
  • Stackable for transport & movement
  • Easy to store & clean
  • Anti-spill lip on feeding tray
  • Strong & durable plastic
  • Versatile - Base tray can be used as a chick tray & feed tube can be added as chicks grow
  • Inverted feed tube directs feed to the tray
  • 3 - part indoor feeder - Inverted feed tube, top tray & base tray
  • Can be converted into an Outdoor Quill Midi Feeder with a ‘top hat’

Use with the compatible Quill Feeder Stand and Quill Vermin Trap Box for cost efficient and effective vermin control.

This product includes a Clear Tube and 2 Clear Trays - 1 Tray for the base, and 1 as a lid.


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