Quill Midi Feeder Divider

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The Quill Midi Feeder Divider comprises of two parts, designed to work together to split the Quill Midi Feeder into four sections.

It allows both crumbs and pellets to be offered from a single feeding station during periods of feed transition. This can both reduce feed being scratched out and minimise stress at the time of change.

  • Can use crumbs, pellets, grit and more in one feeder
  • Reduces stress from feed change
  • Suitable for wild broods

For game birds: After release, the divider may be used to offer a variety of feed types, such as pellets alongside maize and wheat, from a single feeder.

For poultry: The divider may be used to offer a variety of feed types, such as pellets alongside seed mixes or grit, from a single feeder. Providing a range if feed choices is a simple way of offering nutritional enrichment.

The Quill Midi Feeder with Divider is also ideal for use in areas of re-wilding. It enables both adult birds and their chicks to feed alongside each other. Wild bird seed mixes may also be offered, alongside chosen game bird feed.

The Quill Midi Feeder Divider can be used with both the indoor and outdoor Quill Midi Feeders, available separately.

Available in our Eco-flec plastic; made from 100% recycled plastic with the same long lasting properties.

The Quill Eco-flec range is a NEW 100% recycled range of Quill products, manufactured in Dorset from high quality HDPE offcuts. Read more about the Quill Eco-flec range here.