Eco-flec: Our NEW 100% Recycled Equipment

Eco-flec: Our NEW 100% Recycled Equipment

We're all trying to do our bit to look after the planet, and as an independent company the team at Quill Productions have been working hard to make our business more sustainable.

Although we have always kept waste to a minimum when moulding our Quill equipment, offcuts of our high quality HDPE are created during the finishing process.

Quill Eco-flec is a revolutionary new collection manufactured in Dorset from 100% recycled offcuts. Moulded in Dorset to the same high standard as the other Quill equipment, the Quill Eco-flec colour option is now available for all parts of the Quill Midi Feeder and the Quill Feed Bin Kit.

This means that offcuts from our best-selling products like Quill Boot Dip, Quill Vermin Trap Box and Quill Feed Bin Kit can all be repurposed into a new Eco-flec products.

Quill Eco-flec products will be moulded from excess HDPE plastic trimmed off during the manufacturing process which is ground down to a fine powder. The recycled powder can then be moulded into a high quality piece of equipment designed to be reused year after year.

Due to the fact excess plastic from the entire Quill range can be used for the new Quill Eco-flec products, there may be some variation in the shade and texture, however the predominant shade will be in the range of dark to olive green. This makes the Eco-flec range perfect for blending in against hedgerows, out on the range or in a chicken coop. 

The Quill Eco-flec range offers those in the agricultural industry a new way to reduce the carbon footprint of their business without sacrificing on quality.

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