Outdoor Quill Drinker (Green)

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This outdoor version of the best-selling Quill Drinker, the original triangle nipple drinker designed to keep water hygienic for Poultry, Ducks, Turkeys & Game Birds.

  • Can be hung indoors or outside with tripod
  • Shiny nipples & oscillating sound encourage birds to drink
  • Green plastic deters algae growth
  • Approved by Defra & Freedom Food
  • Height can be adjusted as the birds grow

Drinker capacity: Approx. 6 litre
Suitable for: Pheasants, Turkeys, Poultry, Ducks & Partridge

Water pressure:

7psi - 20psi

 Valve Type Description
Quill Auto-filling Valve A self-levelling, simpler version of the popular Rainbow valve, designed to make setting up easier
Quill Automatic Cut Off Valve Automatic cut off which reduces the risk of any spillages whilst in use


 Nipple Type Description
180 Degree RAD Nipple
Designed with a larger pin for an up and down movement with little side action
360 Degree Nipple
The best choice for young game chicks or poultry
Stainless Steel Turkey Nipple
A high-flow nipple suitable for Turkeys & large birds


Bird Type Age Birds/ Quill Drinker
Chicken (Broilers & Layers) Any age 100
Free Range Chicken (as an additional water source) Any age 500
Duck (Sporting Mallard) Any age 200
Table Duck Any age 100
Partridge Any age 250
Pheasants Any age 200
Quail Any age 250


Dimensions of Quill Drinker:

Height: 48cm

Width: 87cm

Comes with C Hook to hang, choice of valve & 6ft Halliard hanging cord.

  • The Quill Tripod allows the Quill Drinker to be suspended outside in the open.


We can fit up to 160 Quill Drinkers on a pallet, or 7 per parcel.