Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid

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Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid is an antibiotic, formalin & copper sulphate free foot bath to keep cow hooves healthy & help prevent digital dermatitis, sting free.

Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid is both effective and pleasant to use.  It is kind to hooves and does not sting or hurt the dairy cow. Not only does this minimise stress and discomfort, but also means that cows are less likely to rush through the bath, resulting in a longer contact time.

The non-corrosive and non hazardous product is user friendly and safe to use in front of the milking parlour.  By exposing the hooves to the Intra Hoof fit Bath Liquid before entering the parlour, the product remains on the hooves during milking, extending the contact time.  Foot baths placed in front of the parlour are also less likely to become contaminated with manure.


Hoof-fit Bath Liquid also contains conditioning ingredients to keep the claws of dairy cows in optimum condition.

This is a legal (unlike copper sulphate), welfare friendly (unlike formulin) hoof bath with no withdrawal time for the milk as well as being organic approved and kind to the environment. 

 Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid has many benefits:

  • Kind to hooves - Does not hurt or sting, minimising stress to animals
  • Helps to maintain good hoof condition
  • Strong adhesive properties
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Mixes readily with water
  • No fumes or smells
  • Non corrosive - Safe to use in front of the milking parlour.
  • Non Hazardous
  • Does NOT contain Formalin
  • Safe for the user - No risks or side effects
  • Safe for the environment

Please note that Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid should be used as a preventative measure, to keep hooves in a healthy condition and minimise the chance of hoof problems developing.

If digital dermatitis has taken hold, a curative treatment approach is necessary and treatment with Intra Hoof-fit Gel may then be necessary.

The Intra Hoof-fit bath liquid is one of the products in the effective hoof care range developed by Intracare. The antibiotic-free range of Hoof-fit products allow claw problems to be managed in a more effective, healthier and sustainable way. All have been developed in close cooperation with dairy farmers, veterinarians, hoof-trimmers and cattle specialists and have been thoroughly field tested. 

We recommend that the Intra Hoof-fit Bath Liquid is used in conjunction with the Intra Bath which has many advantages over traditional foot baths.

Available in 20L and 200L

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