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Ruby Grain 25 - 150G Sachet

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Ruby Grain 25, a highly attractive and very palatable Difenacoum grain bait, effective against rats and mice. 

One of the best selling rodent grain baits in Europe, formulated from premium grade grain. The active ingredient, Difenacoum, is lower in toxicity compared to other actives and rodents will need to feed multiple times to hit a lethal dose.

Each 150g pouch contains 6 x 25g grain sachets, enough for 1-2 x rat bait points.

Bait boxes/stations are a legal requirement. Click here for the BETA Bait Station.

How to use:

  1. Check for signs of activity in and around buildings. This can be burrows or runs. Rats are very cautious and will run beside buildings and look to hide in any cover that might offer them a form of safety.
  2. Place tamperproof bait stations every 5-10m apart where there are signs of rodent activity and in areas where rodents would feel safe and not exposed.
  3. Place 100g of Ruby Grain into each of the bait stations. 
  4. Check the bait 5-7 days after the first treatment and replenish any bait taken.
  5. Search for, remove and dispose of any dead rodents that are found.

It is advisable to wear protective clothing i.e. gloves when handling any rodenticide or poison and also when disposing of any dead rodents.

Click Here for Safety Data Sheet.

For more, up to date information and advice on the use of rat baits and pest control click here.



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