Rainbow Cavalier Bell Drinker

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The Rainbow Cavalier Drinker comes complete with a 24 inch stem and loop, Rainbow valve with hook, 6ft halliard hanging cord and 3 meters of 8mm blue water pipe with a hose nut & spigot fitted.


  • Rainbow valve incl. hook
  • 6ft Halliard cord
  • 8mm blue water pipe (3 meters) fitted with hose nut & spigot

Ballasted drinkers also come complete with a ballast tank which screws up in under the main moulding (body) to act as a weight. This stops the drinker swaying about so much especially when used for bigger birds i.e. turkeys. If you order a ballasted drinker you will be provided with a ballasted valve so if you need to order any spare valves, please ensure that you order the relevant valve.

We also stock the spares for a Rainbow Drinker.