Racumin® Foam 500ml

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Racumin® Foam is a unique foam spray, non-bait rodenticide which offers an alternative method of control for rat and mouse infestations. The rat brushes against the foam, grooms itself and ingests the rodenticide.

  • Works with the rodent's natural grooming habits
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Can be used in locations where traditional baiting methods are not possible
  • Controls Norway rats & House mice

Suitable for use in and around buildings to deal with an infestation of that building.

Active: 0.4% Coumatetralyl
Sizes available: 500ml can


For Rats: Apply 20-30 g of Racumin® Foam per hole or passageway (foam the size of half a brick).

For Mice: Apply 4 g (foam the size of a tennis ball) – 30 g of Racumin® Foam per hole or passageway.

This quantity can be applied as a single application or as a number of small applications along the track. The hole should not be completely filled with foam so that the animals still recognise their usual roads and passages. If the hole is completely filled with foam, the animals can hesitate to pass.

The released foam usually lasts for 7-12 days, depending on disturbance and temperature/humidity. Two applications per treatment campaign are recommended. Anticoagulant rodenticides take from 4 to 10 days to be effective after consumption, due to their delayed mode of action.

Treatment points must be labelled as follows: UK: ‘Contains a rodenticide: Coumatetralyl, Racumin Foam UK-2014-0860. In case of accident, call a doctor.’ Ireland: ‘Contains a rodenticide: Coumatetralyl, Racumin Foam IE/BPA 70548.

Do not move or open. In case of accident, call the National Poisons Information Centre on (01) 809 2166.’ A notice explaining the risk of primary and secondary poisoning and the first measures to be taken in case of poisoning must be available alongside treatment points.