Quill Productions

Quill Garden Bird Drinker



A unique feeding and drinking system to provide birds with clean water, seeds and nuts. Garden birds carry many potentially fatal diseases which are often transmitted by drinking contaminated water. Even if bird baths are disinfected on a daily basis it is inevitable that birds will mess and regurgitate saliva into the water, passing on infection to other birds.

The  QUILL GARDEN BIRD DRINKER provides garden birds with constant clean, uncontaminated water through three "nipples" along the base of the drinker. Birds very quickly learn to use theses nipples. The drinker can be hung from a branch, bracket or pole and has on either side, a detachable feeder - one for nuts, the other for seed.

And to fool those squirrels, why not opt for our Squirrel Baffle, suitable for hanging or pole use?


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