Quill Boost Tonic

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The original and best game bird boost tonic . Rear strong, healthy birds without antibiotics by stimulating the immune & digestive system to fight disease. Give your birds the best start in life with Quill Boost Tonic, a unique supplement that we have developed in conjunction with Intracare.

The complex chemistry of Quill Boost Tonic bolsters the bird's immune system by providing essential Amino Acids and Chelated Minerals. Customer feedback demonstrates that it is excellent for addressing young bird sickness in pigeons.

* An ongoing additive that bolsters the bird’s immune system

* Supports birds in times of stress

* Provides essential Amino Acids and Chelated Minerals

* Can help to reduce mortality rates, support weight gain and accelerate the development of chicks

* Developed specifically to stimulate and maintain growth and vitality

* Can reduce the need for costly medicines

* Quill Boost Tonic reduces the water pH to 4.1 - ideal for the birds’ digestion

* Extremely cost effective dilution rate

As an ongoing additive, it has been found that Quill Boost Tonic gives pheasants and partridges the capability to handle all challenges, including a change in diet or a threat of disease. It has been developed specifically to stimulate the immune system of all game birds, by providing minerals and essential acids which help their bodies to maintain growth and vitality, thus reducing the need for costly medicines.

The product has been tried and tested successfully in many situations. Chicks arriving in a poor state barely able to survive have been given Quill Boost Tonic with amazing turn-arounds. The mortality rates were reduced significantly and it was found that their immune systems had improved to the extent that their weight gain and development was quicker and more pronounced that those under usual nourishment.

The organic acids in the Quill Boost Tonic reduce the water to 4.1 pH, ideal for the birds' digestion. The low pH level will also help to kill pathogens in water lines and keep them clean and free from bio film.

Diluted Quill Boost Tonic can be stored in a water bowser for up to 6 months without deteriorating and will help to maintain a better water quality. The stress and trauma caused to the birds on release is a prime example of when Quill Boost Tonic will come in to its own.

Often at this stage many pathogens challenge the birds' immune systems; it has been well documented by the Game Conservancy Trust that many birds succumb at this stage. Birds offered Quill Boost Tonic at this crucial time will be in far better state to deal with the likes of hexamita etc.


Dilution merely - 1:1000 (1 litre of Quill Boost Tonic per 1000 litres of drinking water)

*Please note: we are unable to ship liquids and aerosols overseas due to the current Government Safety Regulations. Customers from the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland please enquire!

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