Quill 150 Spring Trap & Trap Box

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The Quill 150 Trap Box is a vermin trap box suitable for use as a tunnel with the Quill 150 Trap. 

  • Camouflaged plastic is impregnated with fishmeal to attract vermin
  • Can be used to trapping rats, weasels & stoats
  • Strong durable plastic can be reused for years
  • Lid is secured with an Allen Key (not included) for health and safety

The Quill 150 Trap Box is the first trap box to have a safety catch on the outside of the box allowing you to hold back the trap safely using a clip.

This double entry trap box which has been designed in conjunction with industry bodies, in accordance with the new legislation.

Suitable for: Catching Stoats, Weasels & Rats

The Quill 150 Trap must be used with the correct baffles, to both exclude larger non-target animals and to direct the target animals for a more humane kill. The Quill 150 Trap Box is fitted with wire mesh baffles and is ready to use.

If you would like the trap fitted and secured to the box then please purchase the Quill 150 Trap Box & Quill 150 Trap option which includes the cost of the nuts, bolts, R clip and labour to fit the trap.

Trap box entry hole is 60mm. If you trying to catch stoats with the Quill 150 Spring Trap & Box in an area where Red Squirrels are present, we can drill a 40mm entry hole (please add a note in special instructions or contact our team on 01258 818239).


Quill 150 Spring Trap Instructions