Plasson Nipple Drinker Line, Basic 3m

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Instead we recommend using the Quill Drinker in Natural. The original and best triangular nipple drinker for Game Birds and Poultry of all ages.

  • Enclosed-water hanging system can be used indoors or outdoors
  • The only nipple system to oscillate during use - reduces boredom/ feather pecking
  • Approved by Defra and Freedom Food

One 3m bar has 20 nipples and optional dip trays

To complete your Plasson Nipple Drinker Line you may wish to add the following items: 

Pressure Regulator Only

Pressure Regulater Kit 

Drip Cups

Header Tank with Bracket

Benefits of nipple drinkers:

  • Eliminates cross contamination of disease through drinking water
  • Suitable for chicks to adult birds
  • Keeps bedding dry - reduces bedding and labour costs
  • Constant access to fresh water
  • Tank cradle

Kit Includes:

Female Reducer 1/2 to 1/4 x 1

Plasson Nipple Line - Yellow Nipple x 20

Plasson Nipple Line - Aluminium Profile *295 x1

Plasson Nipple Line - 20 Hole Nipple Pipe x1

Plasson Nipple Line - End of line kit x1

Plasson Nipple Line - Suspension Clip x3

Hose Nut & Spigot x 2

8mm Water pipe by the metre x 3

Male Thread Adaptor 25mm x 3/4" x1

Halliard Slider x1

Halliard Hook x2

Rainbow Halliard Crimp x1

Further Benefits:

Using a closed water system, such as the Nipple Drinker line improves bio-security, whilst also providing more hygienic water to your birds.

Each 3 meter bar contains 20 nipples which is suitable for up to 500 chicks, depending on species. If required a 7 litre header tank is also available.

Spares available.


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