Plasson Nipple Drinker Line, Basic 3m

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To complete your Plasson Nipple Drinker Line you may wish to add the following items: 

Pressure Regulator Only

Pressure Regulater Kit 

Drip Cups

Header Tank with Bracket

Benefits of nipple drinkers:

  • Eliminates cross contamination of disease through drinking water
  • Suitable for chicks to adult birds
  • Keeps bedding dry - reduces bedding and labour costs
  • Constant access to fresh water
  • Tank cradle

Kit Includes:

Female Reducer 1/2 to 1/4 x 1

Plasson Nipple Line - Yellow Nipple x 20

Plasson Nipple Line - Aluminium Profile *295 x1

Plasson Nipple Line - 20 Hole Nipple Pipe x1

Plasson Nipple Line - End of line kit x1

Plasson Nipple Line - Suspension Clip x3

Hose Nut & Spigot x 2

8mm Water pipe by the metre x 3

Male Thread Adaptor 25mm x 3/4" x1

Halliard Slider x1

Halliard Hook x2

Rainbow Halliard Crimp x1

Further Benefits:

Using a closed water system, such as the Nipple Drinker line improves bio-security, whilst also providing more hygienic water to your birds.

Each 3 meter bar contains 20 nipples which is suitable for up to 500 chicks, depending on species. If required a 7 litre header tank is also available.

Spares available.


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