Shift™ Heavy Duty Detergent

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Shift™ is a heavy-duty detergent liquid for power washing.

  • Deepest penetration of residues to remove organic build-up
  • Suitable for cleaning buildings, vehicles and equipment
  • For use with pressure washers
  • Heavy duty, detergent cleaner 

Appearance: Dark brown liquid
Odour: Faint surfactant/ iodine
 pH - undiluted: 0
Shelf life: 3 years


Calibrate the pressure washer to the correct dilution setting before use.

LIGHT SOILING: Use at a dilution of 1:500 parts of water.

HEAVY SOILING: Use at a dilution of 1:250 parts of water.

FOAM CLEANING: Use at a dilution of 1:50 - 1:150 parts of water depending on type of foam applicator used. Wet all surfaces thoroughly with solution using low pressure & allow to soak in for a minimum of 15 minutes to effect maximum penetration & soil removal. Then continue to pressure wash until all surfaces are clean.


Full guidance on the handling and safe storage of the product can be obtained from the safety data sheet including first aid measures and health and safety requirements.



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