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GP Acid Milkstone Remover (25L) - Cleaner



This is a highly active, concentrated liquid for removal of milkstone. A specially formulated, low-foaming, concentrated liquid, suitable for all types of milking plants.

  • Highly active acid-based liquid.
  • Removes milkstone from pipelines, equipment and bulk tanks in the dairy parlour.
  • Prevents milkstone and bacteria build-up.
  • For easy detection if not rinsed thoroughly the liquid is colour-coded red.
  • Quick rinsing!
  • Low foaming!

Size Available: 25 Litres

Click Here For Safety Data Sheet

Please note: we are unable to ship liquids and aerosols overseas due to the current Government Safety Regulations. Customers from the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland please enquire! 

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