Intra Liposol

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Intra Liposol is a liquid energy booster for pigs and poultry as it aids fat metabolism, particularly useful in young animals as it has a beneficial effect on growth and feed conversion, preventing the wastage of fats and oils through indigestion.

It enables more (saturated) fats and oils to be emulsified (be dissolved into small particles) and enables the Lipase enzyme in the digestive system to easily convert the fat into metabolic energy.

  • Promotes the metabolism of fat
  • Emulsifies fat into small particles for easier digestion
  • Economises the cost of feed
  • Water soluble 
  • Rapid intake through the drinking water
  • Beneficial effect on growth
  • Contains Vitamin E - aids healthy cell and tissue growth

In studies conducted by Intracare the following benefits have been observed:

  • Prevention or control of pasty vent cases
  • Prevention or control of fatty liver issues in more mature animals
  • Supports the digestibility of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K)
  • A deeper egg yolk and/or meat colouring

"In the first weeks of life, the digestive system of young animals is still too immature to digest and absorb all amounts of fats and oils supplied in feed. In addition to the amount of unsaturated fats, the digestion of saturated fats is also difficult for young animals. In young animals gallic acid production is insufficient for all fats supplied to be digested and absorbed by the intestinal tract. This results in a waste of nutrients in the manure, which have not been converted into health and growth."

how liposol works to help fat digestion in poultry

Dilution Rate:-

150ml - 250ml of Intra Liposol per 1000 litres of drinking water.


Administered in the drinking water for up to 4 weeks.


To ensure clean water lines, after every 6 days the water system is cleaned with Intra Hydrocare at the 0.2%/ 200ml per 1000 litre dilution rate.

Mixing with other products:-

Can be used in conjunction with other supplements. e.g. An example of products that can be used for Broilers is Intra Calferol for bone density along with Intra Liposol and Intra Hydrocare for water sanitation.

It can also be used with Intra Aqua Acid.


If you would like some guidance regarding the dosage of any of our products, please do get in touch. Part of our service includes the creation of a bespoke water program, FREE of charge, for Quill Productions customers upon request.