Guarany SP Symmetrical Knapsack Sprayer - 16l

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Guarany knapsack sprayers are most comfortable to wear, easiest to use, most robust and long lasting and simplest to maintain.

One of the great features is their ability to instantly convert between left or right handed use. Another very useful feature is the internal mechanical agitator, which operates in conjunction with the pump handle action to ensure consistent chemicals mixture. The sprayer incorporates four stages of filtration, to prevent nozzle blockages: filler filter, pump filter, valve filter and nozzle filter.

The Guarany sprayer's compression chamber is copper, and critical mechanical parts are brass for long reliable use. (Competition sprayers are usually all plastic). The wand is copper, meaning it doesn't flap around as plastic wands can do. A spares kit is included with each sprayer, including a fan-type herbicide nozzle, new pump washers and a set of O-rings. The spray tank incorporates a carry handle.

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