Guarany Hand-held Compression Sprayer 7.6L

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The Guarany 7.6 litre compression sprayer is a versatile hand-held compression sprayer suitable for a variety of smaller spraying applications such as weed killing, liquid fertiliser distribution and insecticide spraying.

The sprayer tank has a large inlet for easy filling, and the hand-operated pump features a safety valve with automatic air relief in the case of over-pressurisation.

Compression sprayers will generate pressure within the chamber via a hand-operated pump. This is then released when the valve trigger is pulled. Compression sprayers give an accurately directed spray making them ideal disinfecting sprayers because they generate a continuous flow, meaning no areas are missed.

The sprayer has two-stage filtration in both the valve handle and in the nozzle. The double locking device avoids incidental spraying whilst the shoulder strap takes the strain and provides user comfort.

With a maximum working pressure of 3.1 bar (45 psi), the rotating lance with adjustable, anti-drip allows the user to change the angle and distance of the application.

For working with plants in a greenhouse or small polytunnel or disinfecting small to medium areas such as gyms, offices and waiting rooms, the great value Guarany 7.6 litre compression sprayer is ideal.