Grass Seed & Forage Crops

At Quill we work with DLF, the world's largest producer and distributor of grass seed for dairy and beef cattle, sheep and horses. DLF has spent years improving yield and disease resistance, increasing feed value and digestibility. The breeders at DLF are now focused on producing varieties of grass with improved forage quality with high cell wall digestibility.


We can provide quotes for:

  • White Clover
  • Cutting Mixtures
  • Dual Purpose Mixtures
  • Specialist Mixtures
  • Organic Mixtures
  • Overseeding
  • Amenity Mixtures

For a copy of the DLF brochure including a Mixture Selector chart, please fill out the form.


Forage Crops

From Stubble Turnip and Swede to winter graze mixtures, we can help you with all your forage crop needs. This is an extremely cost effective way to supplement your livestock rations and balance the amount of bought in feed  during summer dry spells and cold winter months.

  • Stubble Turnips
  • Forage Rape
  • Fodder Beet
  • Swedes
  • Kale
  • Root Mixtures


Environmental Management

We know farmers take their role as countryside managers very seriously and that is one of the reasons why 80% of England's landscape is in great shape following the introduction of the Environmental Stewardship Schemes over 15 years ago. We can help you select the mixes you need for buffer strips, cover crops and to attract bees and wild birds.

  • Buffer strip Mixtures
  • Wild Bird Seed Mixtures
  • Nectar Rich Mixtures

If you are interested in more information about the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, Glastir Welsh Environmental Scheme or Scottish Rural Development  Programme please use the form to order a copy of the Your Countryside Brochure.

To order your seed mixtures, please call 01258 818239 or email