Game Feed

At Quill Productions, we're proud to supply our customers with the full range of Massey County Game Feed. A family business with over 125 years of experience producing the very best animal feed on the market, Massey Feeds uses the latest technology to manufacture the best quality products.

Massey County Game Feeds use high quality raw materials such as highly digestible proteins, cereals and cereal by-products, carefully formulated to meet the needs of breeding and growing game birds.
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Feeding Notes

Massey Game Breeder diets should be fed from four weeks prior to the onset of laying.
Provide adequate space and cover for nesting birds to avoid bullying and ensure maximum egg production. Ensure there is adequate hopper space (minimum 1 hopper per 15 hens) and allow for a minimum 200ml daily water intake per hen during the breeding season.

Do not feed grain during the laying period as this will dilute the daily intake of vitamins and other micronutrients which will lead to poor egg production and hatch-ability. Insoluble grit can however be offered.

Game Starter feeds are available in a choice of two protein levels and two crumb sizes which can then be followed by a mini pellet to encourage maximum intake and rapid growth.

Brooder areas should be prepared at least a day in advance of placing chicks. Fresh clean water should be provided in shallow drinkers that are cleaned regularly and feed offered on trays or flat surfaces in a well lit position.

Game Grower diets are formulated to take the birds through from four weeks to release.

The diets contain the optimum balance of protein and micronutrients to ensure good release weights, correct development and good feathering.

Poult Release Pellets are designed to help poults adjust to life in the wild – grain can be added later.

Game Maintenance Pellets are the ideal overwinter feed to prevent excess weight gain and control the amount of fat being laid down.

Some grain can also be fed in conjunction with Game Maintenance Pellets.