Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker - 125L

  • £114.87

A 125 litre nipple drinker, the Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker provides disease free hygienic water to game birds such as pheasants, partridge or ducks outside and for poultry such as chicken or turkeys.

  • Ideal for use in release pens or temporary partridge pens
  • Ideal for use on game strips, other remote areas
  • Suitable for pheasants, partridge and ducks 
  • Helps stop birds from wandering to look for water
  • Works well with organic acids
  • Fitted with 360° nipples
  • Comes with a fitted stand
  • Can be fitted with a Ballvalve Arm & Float (available separately) and connected to the mains water
  • Comes with a filter to prevent the ingress of material when filling
  • Green to prevent algae
  • 125 Litre has 22 nipples

**Please note when dosing your header tanks with supplements, if using a ballcock and valve, and to allow for an air cap, the actual litres held is approximately 100 litres**


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