SA4 Brooder inc L/P regulator (50-150mbar), 2m Pipe & 2 Clips, Brooders, Quill Productions

SA4 Brooder (inc. L/P regulator, Pipe & Clips)

  • £101.45

SA4 Brooder for Poultry and Game and can provide enough heat for up to 500 chicks. The SA4 Brooder includes low pressure regulator and 2 meters of gas pipe and can run between 3000 - 6000 Btus.

  • Infrared Heater
  • Propane Gas
  • Includes regulator and pipe
  • Between 250 and 500 chicks

Technical Details:

Consumption g/h 135-68
Capacity Kwatt/hour 1.75-0.87
Kca/hour 1500-750
Weight/KG 3.3

Suitable for approximately 250 - 500 chicks.  In an 8ft x 8ft rearing house under normal conditions, 500 pheasant chicks can be reared using approximately 2 x 47KG gas cylinders, making this a cost effective brooder.

We also stock spares for the SA4 Brooder- Click Here. If you can't see the spare that you need or are unsure, call one of our team on 01258 818239.



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