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**Certificate Required - Please see below**

Highly attractive and very palatable difenacoum grain bait, effective against rats and mice. 

One of the best selling rodent grain baits in Europe, formulated from premium grade grain containing an irresistible aniseed which enhances a rapid take

3KG (comes in sachets) or 20KG (2X10KG)


For rat infestations use bait points of 90 – 100 g. Place bait points 10m apart reducing to 5 m in high infestations. Do not move or disturb bait points for several days after laying bait. If no signs of rat activity are seen near the bait after 7-10 days, move the bait to an area of higher rat activity.

For mouse infestations use bait points of 20 – 30 g. Place bait points 5 m apart reducing to 2 m in high infestations. Mice are very inquisitive and it may help the control program to move baits every 2-3 days at the time when bait points are inspected or topped up.

Make frequent inspections of the bait points during the first 10-14 days and replace any bait eaten by rodents or that has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.

It is advisable to wear protective clothing

Click Here For Safety Data Sheet


Due to legislation changes, rat baits in sizes 3KG and over, can only be purchased if you have completed a CRRU approved course or you are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme. 

We will contact you to request a copy of your certificate. This link will provide further information about gaining the required certification and the link for the online exam.

If you have completed the CRRU course:

  1. Please send (by email or by post) a copy of your certificate; AND
  2. The completed form - CRRU Approved Certificate Declaration.

If you a member of a farm assurance scheme:

  1. Please send (by email or by post) a proof of your farm assurance membership; AND
  2. The completed CRRU Aligned Farm Assurance Scheme Declaration.

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