Sapphire Paste 25 150g

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Sapphire Paste 25 is a single feed poison, formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals mixed with peanut butter oils.

  • Suitable for tough rat & mouse infestations
  • Proven efficiency in difficult locations
  • Formulated with highly attractive peanut butter oils
  • Sachets are easily secured with bait rod

Suitable for use in and around buildings to deal with an infestation of that building. 


Attractant: Peanut butter oil
Active: 0.0025% Brodifacoum
Sizes available: 150g pouch


Baits must be securely deposited in a way so as to minimise the risk of consumption by other animals or children.  We recommend a bait box to minimise the risk.



Medium to high infestations require a number of bait points. Bait refills may be required to replenish any bait taken. Once bait-take has stopped, the infestation has been controlled, so bait must be withdrawn from the bait stations and disposed of correctly. Always read the label.

  1. Check for signs of activity in and around buildings. This can be burrows or runs. Rats are very cautious and will run beside buildings and look to hide in any cover that might offer them a form of safety.
  2. Place tamperproof bait stations every 5-10m apart where there are signs of rodent activity and in areas where rodents would feel safe and not exposed.
  3. Place 60g of Sapphire Paste into each of the bait stations. 
  4. Check the bait 5-7 days after the first treatment and replenish any bait taken.
  5. Search for, remove and dispose of any dead rodents that are found.

It is advisable to alternate bait containing different anti-coagulant ingredients. For instance, the Bromadionlene-based Jade Grain Bait or the Difenacoum-based Ruby Grain.