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Sapphire Force 25 3KG Blocks


£48 Ex. VAT
£57.60 Inc. VAT

Available beginning of August. Ready-to-use, all-weather block bait to be used in tamper-resistant bait stations for the control of rats and mice in and around buildings.

A unique and highly attractive bait for use by amateurs that can kill rodents in a single feed.

Sapphire Force 25 is formulated from a blend of premium grade cereals, proteins, and added attractants bound by edible waxes to give proven efficacy in the most difficult environments, all-weather, in and around buildings.

  • Single-feed

  • All-weather blocks

  • For rats and mice

  • Both indoor and outdoor use

  • Alluring smell to rodents

  • Controls up to 750 rats with 1 bucket

    For best results use alongside the BETA, BORA, or DELTA bait stations (also supplied by Lodi UK).

    Authorisation code UK-2016-0998-008
    Contains brodifacoum 0.0025% w/w and denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w.

**Certificate Required for Purchase

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