Quill Adjustable Tank Drinker

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The NEW Quill Adjustable Tank Drinker is a large capacity drinker with two height options, designed to be able to adapt to the changing height of growing birds. 

  • Available with two choices of leg heights
  • Main body easily lifts onto new leg height
  • Moulded in Dorset using low-waste processes 
  • Time saving: easy to fill & maintain
  • Stands at the perfect height for birds to drink easily
  • Sound and shiny appearance of nipples encourages birds to drink
  • Green colour prevents algae growth

39cm height legs: suitable for young Poults and Bantams.

55cm height legs: suitable for Chicken, Turkeys, Ducks & Larger breeds.

Drinker capacity: 100+ Litre
Suitable for: Poultry & Game Birds


Fitted with 22 x 180 Degree RAD Nipple

Suitable for up to 150 birds.


  • Replacement Tank Cap
  • Can be fitted with a Ballvalve Arm & Float and connected to the mains water - (if required we can drill it out FOC for you to connect, please just add a comment in the notes section of your order)