Quill Kill-Mite Powder 4.5kg (Diatomaceous Earth)

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Kill-Mite Powder is a Diatomaceous Earth powder for the control of mites, ants, fleas and other crawling insects. This is a natural product which is odour free and can be applied to the bird directly as well as housing and nesting areas. Keep your birds healthy and free from mites with Quill Kill-Mite Powder!

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring sand extract that forms over millions of years. It has a high silica content that absorbs lipids/fats from the waxy outer layer of the exoskeletons of many species of insects. This kills the pests and keeps your housing and bird healthy.

  • Red mite prevention powder
  • Effective against mite eggs
  • Effective for elimination of mites, lice, bugs, cockroaches and other crawling insects
  • Kills every time!
  • Harmless to animals, plants and humans
  • Non toxic, organic naturally occurring material (Diatomaceous Earth)
  • Can be applied directly to livestock, nesting areas, as a dust bath and housing
  • Suitable for pheasants, game birds, poultry and pigeons
  • Suitable for all commercial and domestic premises
  • Food Grade Certified 
  • BEIC approved (2018 list)

4.5KG Bucket - Making this a lot nicer to transport and store than the bags and sacks that are available elsewhere.

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