Quill Disinfectant Trolley

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The Quill Disinfectant Trolley ensures that both detergent and disinfectant are easily applied at the right rate, saving you both time and money. 

Featuring a double venturi valve and 2 pick up spikes, it is ideal for use with both detergent and disinfectant, simply change the lever to change the dosage rate.  The Quill Disinfectant Trolley comes complete with a full set of nozzles enabling the user to draw solutions between 0.5% and 8.0%.

There is no need to sign up for expensive contracts leaving you obliged to use products that may not be suitable for your farm.  The Quill Disinfectant Trolley leaves you free to choose the products you clean and disinfect your farm with.

The Quill Disinfectant Trolley can be used on all game, pig or poultry farms - simply connect to a high pressure system.

Chemicals pictured on the trolley are not included but can be supplied!