Organ-X Pro-Formula Fly Trap XL (Non-Toxic)

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Non-toxic with a new stronger sealable bag, the Fly Trap XL is the very best on the market for dealing with flies quickly and effectively.

Each trap can catch up to 40,000 flies using new fast-catch technology.

Directions for use:

Add hot water to the pouch + powder and leave to hang in farm buildings, animal housing, gardens and waste & industrial sites.

The Organ-X Pro-Formula Fly Trap XL is ideal for use in gardens or outside farm buildings, animal housing and industrial sites. The bag is made from durable plastic with a strong handle, reducing the risk of breakage and leakage.

Hang the fly bag a few metres away from the building you are trying to protect e.g. outside of the walls of poultry sheds or livestock buildings. Do not hang inside the home.