Harmonix® Rodent Paste 5kg

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Please see Rodenticide Information for information & links to obtain certification.

If you already have proof of certification or farm assurance membership please email us a copy alongside one of these forms:

CRRU Approved Certification Declaration

CRRU Aligned Farm Assurance Scheme Declaration


Harmonix® Rodent Paste is a highly effective ready-to-use non-anticoagulent rodenticide. Reduced risk to non-target species as the active is non-bioaccumulative and non-persistent in the environment.

  • Can be used in open areas & burrows
  • No resistance build up
  • Twice the speed, half the bait required
  • Works in as little as 7 days
  • Reduces appetite after 2-3 days

Suitable for controlling rodents in all locations on farm including open areas & burrows.

Active: 0.077% Cholecalciferol
Sizes available: 5kg

LOW - MODERATE 100-200g per baiting point every 10-20m 20g per baiting point every 5-20m
HIGH 100-200g per baiting point every 3-10m 20g per baiting point every 2-5m


Baits must be securely deposited in a way so as to minimise the risk of consumption by other animals or children. We recommend a bait box to minimise the risk.