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Black Pearl Mouse Killer - PASTE in sachets 1KG


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£34.80 Inc. VAT

No certificate required to purchase! Lodi Black Pearl Mouse Killer 1KG the latest and most effective mouse bait in the UK that works faster than any other mouse bait.

Based on Alphachloralose, the only non-anticoagulant bait in Europe

The encapsulation of the alphachloralose ensures that the mouse cannot taste or sense the active ingredient and so will very quickly consume a lethal dose.

No known resistance and designed to have total control of infestations in 24-48hrs

Mice take the bait and instead of feeling unwell (like typical anticoagulants) they are able to eat more product

Little risk of secondary toxicity. 

The product should only be used in situations with temperatures below 16°C. Place 10 to 25g of bait every 3 to 5m. Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity such as fresh droppings, burrows, runways and feeding places. Protect bait points from non-target animals, using bait stations such as Quill's Mouse Bait Boxes

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