Quill Feed Bin Kit

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The Quill Feed Bin Kit converts a 45 gallon metal drum into a weatherproof feeder with a high capacity (150kg) for low maintenance feeding.

  • Unique feed tray allows birds to feed from a clean surface
  • Large lipped top hat provides protection from birds of prey and keeps feed dry
  • Available with 45 Gallon metal drum
  • Available in Green, Black & Eco-flec
  • Suitable for pellets, grain, cracked or whole maize
  • Robust protection against badgers, deer or vermin

Instructions for use:

1) Take a clean, empty 45 gallon metal drum and cut horizontal slits approximately 7" long about 2 1/2-3" up from the base, at approximately 3" intervals around the whole circumference of the drum.

2) Above the slits tap in the sides of the bin to create a letter box type feeder. Tap in approximately 1" if you are feeding pellets/ maize etc and as far as possible if you are feeding mash.

3) The tray can be placed on the floor or on a suitable object e.g. old tyre, concrete blocks or logs. Place the drum on top of the tray and use a cone or upside-down bucket in the centre to dispel food to the outside.

4) The top hat now fits on the drum creating a weatherproof and hygienic feeder.

Top tips:

  • If blocks or logs are used under the tray, a tunnel can then be sited underneath in the artificial tunnel that has been created.
  • If deer are a problem, then the skirt of the top-hat can be drilled and pegged to the floor.


The Quill Eco-flec range is a NEW 100% recycled range of Quill products, manufactured in Dorset from high quality HDPE offcuts. Read more about the Quill Eco-flec range here.

Feed capacity: Hold up to 6 bags of feed (maximum 150kg)
Suitable for: Pheasants, Poultry, Ducks & Partridge
Composition: Hat & Tray are moulded from high quality strong, durable plastic


Dimensions of hat:

Height: 74cm

Diameter: 113cm

Dimensions of Tray:

Diameter: 70cm


Quill Feeder Stand    Quill Feed Bin Kit (SPARE PARTS)



These are large items and we can fit up to 5 kits with drums, or 20 kits without drums on a pallet. Delivery cost will vary dependent on your postcode.