Vanoquat® Concentrated Quaternary Disinfectant | 25L

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Vanoquat® is a concentrated quaternary disinfectant for use in food processing operations & animal housing.


  • Ideal for single or two-stage cleaning & disinfection programmes
  • Contains detergent for effective cleaning
  • Excellent for hygiene sensitive areas
  • Effective in soft or hard water
  • Bactericidal; passes EN1276 (effective against listeria & camylobactar)
  • Effective against enveloped viruses
  • Can be used for disinfecting game larders, processing rooms & kennels


FOOD PROCESS INDUSTRY: For use in the food process industry, Vanoquat® should be applied at a dilution rate of 1.0% v/v (10 ml per litre).

ANIMAL HUSBANDRY INDUSTRY: For use in the animal husbandry industry, Vanoquat® should be applied at a dilution rate of 2.0% v/v (20 ml per litre).

FOGGING: In highly hygiene sensitive areas, atmospheric fogging may be used as an additional hygiene step. Vanoquat® should be applied through suitable fogging equipment. For effective disinfection 2-3 litres of solution should be atomised per 100m³ of air. 

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Odour: Unperfumed
 pH - undiluted: 13.3
Shelf life: 3 years


Full guidance on the handling and safe storage of the product can be obtained from the safety data sheet including first aid measures and health and safety requirements.




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