Quill Trail Feeder

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The Quill Trail Feeder is a large capacity alternative to traditional 'spin feeders', designed to brush out feed in a trail with limited wastage. Fitted with speed controlled brushes, the Quill Trail Feeder is perfect for controlling feed distributibon.

  • Large capacity, holds up to 20 bags of feed
  • Designed to go on a  trailer or the back of an RTV/ flat-bed vehicle
  • Perfect for feeding game birds after release with minimal wastage
  • Suitable for use with pellets, whole-grains & mixtures
  • Fitted with speed controller to control feed brushes
  • Lid is removable so Trail feeder can be easily refilled from auger
  • Sliding metal bar seals off feed when not in use


Feed capacity: Hold up to 20 bags of feed (maximum 500kg/ 0.5 Tonnes)
Suitable for: Pheasants & Partridge

Moulded from durable virgin plastic by Quill Productions.

Powered by 12v DC electric motor


Dimensions of Trail Feeder:

Height: 130cm

Width: 105cm

Length: 105cm

     Quill Galvanised Trailer for Trail FeederQuill Galvanised Trailer for Trail Feeder, , Quill Productions


See video below for footage of Quill Trail Feeder brushes in action:

These are large items made to order at our Dorset factory. We can fit 1 Quill Trail Feeder on a pallet.