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Quill Trail Feeder


£755.85 Ex. VAT
£907.02 Inc. VAT

The Quill Trail Feeder is an efficient " spin " feeder, designed for fast, efficient feeding of large numbers of birds using your ATV, quad or pick up.

  • Very large capacity - holds over 20 bags of feed.
  • Minimises waste - feed is brushed out, as opposed to being spun or thrown out into unwanted areas so more efficient than a spin feeder
  • Sloping shape ensures that all feed is used
  • All feed is dispensed between wheel tracks to reduce waste
  • Strong and durable
  • Ideal for partridges - feed is easily accessible, it is not scattered into vegetation.
  • Easy re-filling - the lightweight plastic lid can be fully removed and the feeder backed up to an auger
  • Waterproof - keeps feed dry before dispensing
  • Powered by 12v DC electric motor
  • Speed controller supplied with a length of wire to enable it to be kept in the dry - new more robust controller now made to order by our engineer
  • Sliding metal bar to keep feed in for when not in use  
  • Can dispense a range of feed, including pellets, wholegrains and mixtures.
  • Suitable for use with any flat bed vehicles, including RTVs, pick-up vehicles and trailer beds.
  • Manufactured in Dorset by us from high density plastic.  Please note the current version comes with the bungee attachments not the clips.
  • Trailer shown in photos is sold separately, ATV also shown not included!

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