Quill Boot Dip - Yellow

  • £70.00

Quill Boot Dip offers the ultimate farm biosecurity at a value for money price. Manufactured in the UK by Quill Productions.

Of all the biosecurity measures used on farm, the one measure that is often overlooked or neglected is that of the disinfectant boot dip and yet  it is one of the most important methods to employ.

Benefits of the Quill Boot Dip:

  • 3 fixed high quality brushes help to remove organic matter from the sole of the boot
  • Base brush different to side brushes
  • Designed to clean and disinfect deep cleats in soles
  • Calendar dial to show when the disinfectant was last changed in the foot dip
  • The handle also acts as a useful balancing aid when cleaning boots
  • Handle can be detached from lid.
  • Comes complete with a cover to stop debris or rainwater diluting the disinfectant in the foot dip
  • The cover can be filled with sand or water to keep in place when outside
  • Holds up to 20 litres - sufficient for the whole foot to be dipped in disinfectant

Manufactured here at Quill, using rotational plastic moulding techniques, the Quill Boot dip is robust enough to stand up to every day use on farm.

We recommend FAM 30 for a disinfectant for foot dips.

Discounts available for bulk purchases

"We first purchased these disinfectant foot dips over 12 months ago for our dairy goat farm.  Before that we had tried making our own disinfectant foot dips as bio security is so important with a dairy goat herd.  However after seeing all the local poultry units used Quill disinfectant foot dips we decided these looked the part and would work so much better than anything we could make.  Not only that we could not find anything else as affordable.  We have been really impressed with them as they are so quick and easy to use. On farm assurance inspections having Quill disinfectant foot dips always shows that we take biosecurity seriously. We have since bought more for other areas on the farm and would recommend them to anyone who needs a good, strong disinfectant foot dip."

Diane - Wychmoor Farm

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